Orthopedics this week: Xiaflex shows positive results in treating Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder)

Adhesive Capsulitis, commonly known as frozen shoulder is a painful and disabling condition that severely restricts shoulder movements. Currently, there are only few helpful therapies and no approved treatment strategies.

Biospecifics Technologies Corporation is suggesting Xiaflex injection, a mixture of proteins derived from a certain bacteria, as a potential treatment for adhesive capsulitis. In their recent study 50 patients were selected and divided into 5 groups of ten. 4 groups received up to three injections of Xiaflex under ultrasound each separated by at least twenty-one days along with home shoulder exercises. The fifth group did not receive any Xiaflex therapy but instead only performed home shoulder exercises.

Patients underwent evaluation at all visits and then again at the 92-day follow-up. The groups that received the injections showed statistically significant improvement in different shoulder movements versus the exercise-only group. Additionally, the Xiaflex group showed significant improvement in pain scores and shoulder function scores compared to the exercise-only group.

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