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Exercise Benefits During COVID-19

Dr Steven Sampson The Orthobiologic Institute Chairman’s 2019 welcome address.

Orthohealing Center participating in clinical trial using patients own fat cells for knee osteoarthritis

Sampson Featured in The Orthobiologic Institute (TOBI) 10th annual conference, Chicago IL.

Cellular Healing at TOBI 2019 DO Steven Sampson Interview

Dr Sampson Cellular Healing Interview

The Orthobiologic Institute 2018 Symposium Sizzle - 10 Year Anniversary

TOBI 2019 is our 10th Annual gathering of orthobiologics thought-leaders from around the globe. Attending TOBI puts you on the cutting edge with the latest research and clinical pearls in orthopedic regenerative medicine.

Dr. Sampson on KABC

Dr Steven Sampson discussed “biohacking” and the importance of strengthening bones.

ABC 7 Salutes our Veterans Program

ABC 7 Salutes our Navy Seal/Special Forces Veteran program.

Dr. Steven Sampson 2018 PRP & Stem Cell Conference Chairman Welcome

TOBI 2018 (The Orthobioligic Institute) - Dr. Steven Sampson 2018 PRP & Stem Cell Conference Chairman Welcome

TOBI 2018 (The Orthobioligic Institute) - Dr. Sampson: Red Blood Cell Rich Bone Marrow for Osteoarthritis, Friend or Foe?

TOBI 2018 - PRP & Stem cell Conference lecture - Dr. Steven Sampson 2018 PRP & Stem Cell Conference lecture. Red Blood Cell Rich Bone Marrow for Osteoarthritis, Friend or Foe?

Dr. Sampson featured on ABC 7

The Orthohealing Center’s Dr. Steven Sampson on ABC 7 discussed innovative treatments for cartilage and osteoarthritis. The video includes interviews with two Orthohealing Center patients undergoing treatments including track and field Olympic athlete Barbara Nwaba.

Introduction to Orthohealing Center Team

Dr Sampson and PRP Therapy Featured on KCAL 9

KCAL 9 news interviewed Dr Steven Sampson on cutting edge regenerative medicine procedures practiced at the Orthohealing Center. A patient shares her success story with undergoing minimally invasive procedures.

Testimonial - Willy Gault

I would like to thank both you and your entire staff for the amazing treatments you've given me through out the years. You have truly help me continue to realize my dreams of running fast as I get older. Your ground breaking Technologies and techniques are second-to-none! Again thank you for always being there for me and I look forward to many more years to come!

TOBI (The Orthobioligic Institute) 2016


TOBI (The Orthobioligic Institute)

Spine expert panel discussion

2016 Dr Steven Sampson closing comments

2015 TOBI (The Orthobioligic Institute)

Introduction by Dr. Steven Sampson

TOBI (The Orthobioligic Institute) 2015

Dr. Steven Sampson lectrure

TOBI (The Orthobioligic Institute) 2016

Dr. Steven Sampson Introducion

Dr. Sampson Describes Bone Marrow Concentrate – KABC news

Dr Steven Sampson talks about regenerative medicine treatments including bone marrow concentrate with KABC news, and explains the importance of our bodies’ own natural healing processes. The video includes an interview with one of our patients, and a discussion of her experience.

Dr. Sampson Demonstrating Neural Prolotherpay/Perineural Injections on The Doctors TV Show

“The Doctors” TV show features Dr. Steven Sampson to talk about a natural based technique used at the Orthohealing Center. He demonstrates a new treatment method in regenerative medicine involving the novel application.

Dr Steven Sampson and Dr Danielle Aufiero Discuss PRP Platelet Rich Plasma– CBS Early Show

The CBS Early Show comes to the Orthohealing Center for Dr. Danielle Aufiero and Dr. Steven Sampson’s insights into their regenerative medicine treatments. One patient shares her story that started with a serious horseback riding accident, and another talks about his return to sports. Coverage concludes with a call for more research into minimally invasive treatments.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy – KABC

OHC founder Dr. Steven Sampson is on KABC news to demonstrate progressive treatments at the Orthohealing Center including Platelet Rich Plasma PRP.

Dr. Steven Sampson on “The Doctors” to Demonstrate PRP Therapy

Doctor Sampson appears on “The Doctors” TV show to talk about regenerative medicine techniques. In this episode, Dr. Sampson goes through the diagnostic process that precedes treatment. The story includes a demonstration of a diagnostic ultrasound followed by a PRP injection for tennis elbow.

“The Doctors”: PRP as Potential Treatment for Osteoarthritis

In this special episode of “The Doctors,” Dr. Sampson goes in-depth on the science and technique of platelet rich plasma therapy. It includes footage of Dr. Sampson performing the ultrasound-guided procedure with his own live commentary, and “The Doctors” explain what happens during the development of osteoarthritis.

Dr Aufiero demonstrates PRP injection of the spine at the Orthohealing Center

Dr Danielle Aufiero performs a PRP spine procedure with commentary.

Dr Sampson Demonstrates a shoulder PRP injection

TOBI (The Orthobioligic Institute) Symposium 2014 SIZZLE FINAL

TOBI (The Orthobioligic Institute) Symposium 2014 Day 1 Danielle Aufiero

TOBI (The Orthobioligic Institute) Symposium 2014 Day 2 Steven Sampson

TOBI (The Orthobioligic Institute) 2014 Highlights

TOBI (The Orthobioligic Institute) 2015 Sizzle Reel/Highlights

TOBI (The Orthobioligic Institute) 2016 Sizzle

The Orthohealing Center on The Best of Southern California

Steve Sampson demonstrates Traumeel injections on The Doctors Show

Dr Steven Sampson and Los Angeles Lakers Trainer Gary Vitti discuss knee pain on The Doctors TV Show on CBS.

Dr Sampson and PRP Therapy Featured on KCAL 9

Dr Aufiero Discusses PRP and Regenerative Medicine on KABC

Dr. Steven Sampson Demonstrates Ultrasound Exam of Infraspinatus Tendon and Glenohumeral Joint

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Explained by Dr. Steven Sampson

“The Doctors”: 12/08/09

Dr. Steven Sampson Demonstrates Biceps Tendon Exam Using Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Dr Steven Sampson demonstrates Ultrasound guided knee joint injection

Dr. Steven Sampson Demonstrates Ultrasound Exam of the Lateral Meniscus

Dr. Steven Sampson Demonstrates Ultrasound Exam of Acromioclavicular Joint

Dr. Steven Sampson Demonstrates Ultrasound Knee Exam of the Iliotibial Band

Dr. Steven Sampson Demonstrates Ultrasound Guided Shoulder Injection

Dr. Steven Sampson Demonstrates Shoulder Ultrasound Exam of the Subscapularis Tendon

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