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Wrist and Hand

The wrists and hands are common sources of chronic pain because they’re used so often in daily life.

When an injury affects them, it can prevent you from performing simple tasks, such as typing on a keyboard or gripping a tennis racket. At the Orthohealing Center, our Los Angeles physiatrists will help you diagnose the underlying cause of your pain – so we can deliver minimally-invasive regenerative treatments that can get you back to your full, active and pain-free lifestyle.

Symptoms of wrist and hand pain

Wrist and hand pain can take many forms. Depending on the underlying cause of your discomfort, you may experience:

  • A dull ache
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Joint pain
  • Limited range of motion
  • Weakness, tingling and numbness
  • Pain when bending your fingers
  • Pain while making a fist, grasping objects or turning the wrist

Diagnosing the underlying cause of your pain

At the Orthohealing Center, we are committed to establishing a definitive diagnosis for your wrist and hand pain. After evaluating your injured area and discussing your medical history with you, we will perform a series of diagnostic tests to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms. Some of the most common causes of wrist and hand pain among our patients in Los Angeles and surrounding areas include:


One of the most common causes of wrist and hand pain, osteoarthritis is characterized by the loss of cartilage surrounding your joints – resulting in discomfort, swelling and stiffness.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Caused by repetitive overuse the median nerve is compressed in your wrist, resulting in numbness, tingling and weakness.

De Quervain’s tenosynovitis

De Quervain’s tenosynovitis affects the tendons of your wrist. It results in many uncomfortable symptoms, including pain, swelling and difficulty moving your thumb.

Trigger finger

Trigger finger is a painful condition that causes one of your fingers to become stuck in a bent position, usually due to inflammation of the nearby tendons.

Wrist or finger tendinitis

Tendinitis occurs when the tendons in your wrists or fingers become inflamed, causing pain, tenderness and mild swelling.

Ganglion cysts

Ganglion cysts are fluid-filled lumps that develop in the hand. In severe cases, they can become painful and interfere with normal function.

Healing wrist and hand pain from the inside out

The Orthohealing Center is the leading destination for premier, minimally-invasive orthopedic treatments. With years of experience and unparalleled expertise in the field of regenerative medicine and orthopedics, we have a myriad of alternative treatment options that can potentially resolve your wrist and hand symptoms.

Unlike other orthopedic specialists, many of our treatments don’t simply mask your symptoms or provide temporary fixes. Instead, we offer regenerative therapies that can potentially repair your injury and reduce inflammation from the inside out, ideally providing long-lasting pain relief and, in many cases, a permanent recovery. Also by using a small needle visualized by ultrasound guidance often results in a very comfortable experience in this sensitive region.

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