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At the Orthohealing Center, we are pioneers in Bone Marrow Cell Therapy. Not only have our physicians remained on the cutting edge of this minimally invasive approach to orthopedic wellness, they have also been instrumental in researching and developing this technique from the outset. When you come to the Orthohealing Center, rest assured you are in the hands of those who know it best, leading to the optimal patient experience .

To learn more about our peer reviewed publications on bone marrow concentrate, please visit our Research page.


It represents a new natural based approach to treating orthopedic injuries including bone and joint pain own cells. -

Additionally, as one of the top providers of bone marrow cell therapy Los Angeles has to offer, the Orthohealing Center is dedicated to doing it as comfortable and efficiently as possible.



Ongoing research will help us better understand and quantify the many proteins and cells within bone marrow, blood cells acting as “mobile paramedics” are naturally produced by your body to heal injuries and repair damaged and diseased tissue. In fact, every second, 15 million blood cells die and are regenerated in our bodies.

Immediately after an acute injury, medicinal signaling cells (MSC’s) or “pericytes” are released off of blood vessels and migrate towards the injured area to initiate the healing cascade.

Unfortunately, our bodies sometimes get overwhelmed by a significant physical stress and the injury and can’t heal itself. This leads to chronic pain, inflammation, and limited function.

After completing a comprehensive hands-on evaluation and obtaining state of the art 3Tesla MRI and/or dynamic ultrasound testing; a proper diagnosis is obtained. Our physicians create an individualized plan, which may integrate utilizing your own marrow derived cells and precisely under visualized guidance (ultrasound and/or x-ray) delivering them into the injured area. This is followed by a customized rehabilitation and exercise program to maximize results and restore function.

What are the advances of Bone Marrow Cell Therapy?

Bone marrow cell therapy is a non-surgical minimally invasive therapy. It contains natural proteins that may reduce inflammation and pain. The cells obtained from the patient’s own body are concentrated via centrifuge (blood spinning) processing, eliminating unwanted components of blood. The end product is quantified by a cell counter and patients complete data questionnaires to monitor their results. These concentrated cells are then injected under ultrasound or x-ray guidance into injured tissues. Multiple regions of a specific region may be targeted. For example, in the knee depending on location and diagnosis, the surrounding soft tissue meniscus, ligaments or tendons may be targeted as well as the joint.


The first thing to know is that the Orthohealing Center is one of the top destinations for bone marrow cell therapy Los Angeles. You can be at ease knowing that you are in the care of pioneering orthopedic experts.

Your therapy treatments are separated into several steps. First, we’ll have you lie on your stomach. Medications may be administered orally or IV to ensure a comfortable experience. Local anesthetic (numbing medicine) is administered to promote a comfortable experience. Oftentimes oral nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is used as well. From there, we will use a needle to carefully extract bone marrow from the back of your hip (PSIS) utilizing ultrasound guidance for precise visualization. Afterwards, we concentrate the marrow aspirate to isolate the desirable cells and proteins, before injecting them directly into your damaged regions on the same day with minimal manipulation.

Dynamic ultrasound and/or X-Ray fluoroscopic guidance is used to selectively target painful structures in a comfortable manner. To complete your procedure, we’ll apply bandages to the area and send you home to begin the recovery process.

Unlike other invasive treatments, there is a brief recovery period associated with bone marrow cell therapy. In most cases, you’ll need to avoid any strenuous exercise and placing stress on your joints for at least one to two weeks to give your body the opportunity to heal properly. Often the injected area may be sore for 48-72 hours while the early inflammation phase subsides. Relative rest is advised for 48 hours although weight bearing is encouraged (except for hip joint injections) followed by physical therapy beginning 5 days post procedure. In about six weeks, we’ll often have you return for a follow-up injection with platelet-rich plasma injection booster.

Using our published technique including our educational videos and annual cadaver lab, we have educated thousands of leading physicians around the world to ensure a positive patient experience.

How long does a Bone Marrow Cell Therapy Treatment take?

The duration of an appointment may vary based on each patient’s case. However, bone marrow cell therapy typically takes about 90 minutes.

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How should I prepare for Bone Marrow Cell Therapy?

Patients can prepare for their bone marrow cell therapy treatment by doing the following:

  • Avoid anti-inflammatory medicine like Advil, Alleve etc 1 wk before the procedure. Let your doctor know if you are on any blood thinners which are usually discontinued prior to procedure under the care of your prescribing physician.
  • You may be provided a compression sleeve to reduce inflammation and improve circulation post procedure
  • You may need to have someone drive you to your appointment and take you home afterward.

How many Bone Marrow Cell Therapy Injections Will I Need?

According to our published protocols, patient typically receive a single bone marrow procedure followed by a platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection appx 6-8 weeks later.. Other modalities may be recommended to target bone, soft tissue, or joint pain and inflammation including shockwave therapy.

What are the side effects of bone marrow cell therapy?

Most patients realize that any medical treatment may incur some side effects. When it comes to bone marrow cell therapy, side effects can have different levels of severity. Most are short term concerns such as temporary worsened pain or inflammation. There is a minor risk of infection associated with any injections.

Do bone marrow cell therapy injections hurt?

The process of harvesting and transferring bone marrow stem cells is made as comfortable as possible by our experienced team. Via our research publications, medical conferences, cadaver labs and videos, we have educated thousands of doctors around the world in best practice to encourage a pleasant and professional patient experience

First, we administer a local anesthetic to the area from which cells will be obtained. Next, we provide the patient with oral medications to reduce pain or anxiety. Nitrous oxide/laughing gas may be used as well. Finally, in addition to using the smallest equipment possible, we rely on imaging to guide precise needle placement.

marrow aspiration


Bone marrow cell therapy is a promising approach for a number of orthopedic ailments, but it’s not for everyone. Patients with a history of lymphoma, leukemia, certain blood diseases and multiple medical issues are often not candidates. During your initial consultation, our Los Angeles experts will review your medical history and injuries with you to help you determine if you’re an ideal candidate.

Disclaimer: Our healthcare practitioners use products and perform therapies cleared for general use by the United States Food and Drug Administration, but specific indications for treatment have not be evaluated and reviewed by the FDA. You are encouraged to consult with your primary care physician prior to undergoing a cell therapy.

Get on the path to comprehensive healing and long-term pain relief today.

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