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Los Angeles is well-known for both its leading-edge technology and for hosting one of the most vigorous and physically active communities in the world. A mild climate and varied geography including beaches, mountain ranges, and forests, make Los Angeles an ideal location to pursue a wide range of outdoor activities and sports.

If bone or muscle injury is holding you back from doing all you want to do, the Orthohealing Center may well be your best chance for a comfortable and safe recovery – without surgery. As medical research brings new discoveries of how the body heals itself, medicine is evolving from drugs and scalpels to minimally invasive approaches that work with the body to promote healthy function and reduce or eliminate pain.

The Orthohealing Center in Los Angeles is staffed with some of the top physiatrists (physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians) available anywhere. They are not only pioneers in the evolution of innovative non-surgical regenerative treatment but they are also deeply committed to the advancement of the orthopedic community, having produced scientific articles, textbooks and clinical data.

Discover your body’s potential for natural pain relief. Our broad-based orthopedic treatments delivered by our leading physicians have greatly helped many patients stay active.


Utilize your body’s natural ability to reduce inflammation. Bone marrow cell technology is on the very cutting edge of orthopedics and sports medicine. This minimally invasive treatment harnesses your own concentrated marrow, that is re-injected into painful joints or tendons.


Reduce pain and inflammation with our safe and non-surgical treatment that uses natural properties of platelets from your own blood. Platelet rich plasma therapy targets tendon injuries and joint pain – two areas that often recover slowly with limited blood flow.


By injecting concentrated dextrose or sugar with saline water, this natural non-surgical option is traditionally used to reduce pain from arthritis, unstable joints, and many chronic injuries.


Also known as Neural Prolotherapy, this treatment naturally addresses chronic pain related to damaged tissue. When expertly delivered by our physicians, it targets superficial sensory nerves just beneath the skin. Using a tiny needle tip, dextrose and saline water is injected just beneath the skin overlying painful regions and tender points.


We use the latest groundbreaking advancements in ultrasound to add a new dimension of precision to the diagnosis and management of a wide range of ailments and conditions. Ultrasound provides exceptional diagnostic information on soft tissues, fluid and tendons and can be dynamically performed with a hands on approach. Ultrasound may be utilized alone or in combination with MRI or x-ray for comprehensive diagnostic information. Our doctors at Orthohealing Center Los Angeles were among the first in the United States to develop ways to integrate musculoskeletal ultrasound for cellular treatments.


In addition to our cell based therapies, we offer conventional but non-invasive treatments that round out our full range of specialized care. These treatments include:

  • Interventional spine procedures
  • Cortisone injections
  • Trigger point injections
  • Therapeutic Botox Injections
  • Anti-Inflammatory compression garments


Listen to your body. If something hurts and is not improving with time and limiting your activity level, call our office. We can help you understand tour condition and provide you with several natural and minimally invasive treatment options. If Surgery is required we can facilitate the process so that you are seen promptly by some of the best orthopedic surgeons in Los Angeles. Our doctors are among the leaders in minimally invasive orthopedics in Los Angeles and have the experience to address your situation efficiently. Our advanced techniques are 100% customized to you. Let us show you what your body can really do to get you back up to speed

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Get on the path to comprehensive healing and long-term pain relief today.

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