Labral Tears

The sockets of shoulder and hip joints are covered with a layer of fibrocartilage called the labrum that cushions and provides further support and stability at end range of motion. Traumatic injuries and repetitive movements may cause a tear in the labrum, leading to pain, limited motion, instability, and weakness in the joint.

Hypermobile or flexible patients like swimmers’ gymnasts etc may be more vulnerable for labral tears as well as post traumatic falls.

Symptoms of a labral injury may include a popping or clicking sensation with movement. Some people experience weakness and a restricted range of motion as well.

A labral tear is typically diagnosed through imaging tests including a 3D MRI or MR Arthrogram, Diagnostic Ultrasound, a physical examination and a review of symptoms.

While many labral tears can be treated by managing pain and inflammation symptoms through various injections and physical therapy, some cases require surgical treatment.

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