Gordon Ramsay, Celebrity Chef, Restaurateur, and Television Personality

January 25, 2021
gordon ramsay The offices of Dr. Sampson and Orthohealing are one of the best in LA. The treatment here is exceptional and the staff is one of a kind. If it was not for Dr. Sampson and his team, I don’t think I would’ve been able to recover from my Achilles injury as well as I have

Arnie Kander, Former Athletic Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Detroit Pistons

July 23, 2020
basketball Over the years as an athletic trainer in the NBA I have trusted the expertise of Dr. Sampson and the Orthohealing Center to provide the best orthopedic care for my players. Their creative approach to sports medicine helps my athletes get back on the court as fast as possible. I’m grateful for them treating not just players but fellow medical people in the NBA, ownership groups and I send family and friends over because of my trust and respect for your work!

Stephon Marbury, Former NBA Basketball All-Star

July 23, 2020
stephon marbury Seeking out treatment from Dr. Sampson and the Orthohealing Center has been one of the best moves I have made in my career in terms of taking care of my physical health. Treatment at the Orthohealing Center helped me substantially for the last 3 years...

Andre Taft, Former U.S. Marine/ desert storm, Div I College Football Athlete and Filmmaker

July 23, 2020
andre taft play video:

Andrew Melamed

July 23, 2020
melamed I have to thank you from my heart. I would not be able to enjoy this stage in my life had it not been for the amazing care concern and most importantly the results I have gotten from your clinic. The treatments in both hips and low back have been successful..

Blessing Okagbare, Nigeria Track & Field, Olympic & World Championship Medalist

July 23, 2020
blessing As a professional athlete, there is nothing more important than having people who understand what you do and are always willing to help fix your problems with injury or pain. The Orthohealing Center has helped my career from where it was to a place where I can say, 'yes, I have no regrets.' From Dr. Sampson to all the other doctors at the Orthohealing Center, you are treated not like a patient, but like family..

Paul Bechely, Appellate Officer

July 23, 2020
paul bechely 10+ years ago I was suffering from pain in my right elbow. I had received two cortisone injections to no avail and a surgical procedure was recommended. Prior to a surgical procedure, it was suggested that I meet this new doctor Steve Sampson to discuss the option of treatment at the Orthohealing Center. I would certainly recommend the Orthohealing Center as a resource for alternatives to surgery.

Matt Hocum, University of Southern California (USC) Football WR

July 23, 2020
football My experience with Dr. Sampson was fantastic. I was amazed at the results of my recovery. I am grateful for Dr. Sampson and his team who made sure...

Wille Gault, Former NFL Football WR, 11 Seasons Chicago Bears (Super bowl XX Champion) & Los Angeles Raiders. 1980 Olympic Summer Games Qualifier Track & Field, 1988 Winter Olympic Team-Bobsled

July 23, 2020
willie gault I would like to thank both you and your entire staff for the amazing treatments you've given me through out the years. You have truly help me continue to realize my dreams of running fast as I get older. Your ground breaking Technologies and techniques are second-to-none! Again thank you for always being there for me and I look forward to many more years to come! Play video:

John Smith, US Olympic Track & Field Coach. Responsible for 15 gold, 6 silver and 4 bronze Olympic medals.

July 23, 2020
track Dr. Steve Sampson has been a God-send. After over four decades of wear and tear as a long-jumper, quarter-miler, and collegiate and professional track coach, my knees had reached a breaking point. When I learned of Dr. Sampson and his procedures, it had great appeal to me because of the non-invasive yet results-oriented approach to repairing and restoring my knees. I had a procedure performed on both knees and am happy with the results. I would highly recommend Dr. Sampson and his visionary approach to anyone.

Joe Abunassar, NBA basketball Trainer

July 23, 2020
bball trainer I have been involved in basketball and athletics at the highest level for 25 years. Dr. Sampson is a true leader in the field and his research and procedures are changing the way athletes and anyone with injuries are treated and improve their conditions. As an athlete myself, having done almost 20 Ironman Races, Dr. Sampson allowed me to run again without surgery. I encourage all my athletes to see Dr. Sampson as their first course of action.

John Isner, Current American Professional Tennis Player, Career-high singles ranking No. 9 in the world

July 23, 2020
john isner I came to orthohealing on multiple occasions to treat a variety of nagging issues that were hindering my performance. The treatment and care I received was second to none and the effects were noticed instantly. Orthohealing has been integral in allowing me to stay on the court pain free without missing any time at all.

Melinda, Olympic Pole Vaulter

July 23, 2020
melinda pole valuter I had been having long term injury and problems with my ankle. I then came back to the Orthohealing Center… The results I had were unreal, after a short amount of training my pain got much better and allowed me to compete at a high level.

Robert Dutton, American Politician, Senator

July 23, 2020
r dutton Dr. Sampson and his staff are outstanding. My quality of life has improved immensely. I wish I had discovered Orthohealing Center sooner.

T. Mcevoy, NFL Football WR, Seattle Seahawks

July 23, 2020
football Very friendly staff and my procedure went very smoothly.

Carol Mortier

July 23, 2020
c mortier Dr. Sampson performed treatments at Orthohealing on my knees one year ago for my arthritis. I am an active 68 year old who wants to continue to run, bike, swim, ski, etc. I have been happy with my results - my knees feel better running, biking and driving. I don't expect to get 100% better, but I've been able to avoid major surgery. I highly recommend the Orthohealing team.

Mo Bamba, Orlando Magic NBA Basketball 2018 Draft # 6 Pick

July 23, 2020
mo Dr. Sampson and his entire staff could not have been more responsive before, during, and after my treatments. They also took the time to educate me on additional ways to invest in injury prevention as I begin my career. They have been and will continue to be a great resource for me.

Peter Naschak, Retired US Navy SEAL

July 23, 2020
petenaschak Dr. Sampson and his team have been a suburb group of professionals. I can’t thank them enough for their help and support. Forward thinking, thorough and caring, a combintaion I am lucky enough to have experienced.

Jasen Powell, Director of Medical Services. Head Athletic Trainer LA Clippers

July 23, 2020
basketball Orthohealing has done an unbelievable job providing extended and alternative care for athletes. Their innovative research and state of the area procedure plans have really benefited our players outcomes.

Arthur Shapiro, Retired Chief Marketing Officer

July 23, 2020
arthur shapiro I've been a patient of Orthohealing for a number of years and I don't know how I could have managed my senior years without them. The arthritis pain in my thumb joints was greatly alleviated by the treatments I received from Dr. Aufiero. More recently, spine and back pain has been kept under control by their treatments. Thank you doctors at Orthohealing… you've helped me to greatly appreciate the Golden Years.

Debbie, Retired Judge

July 23, 2020
debbie I can’t say enough about what Dr. Sampson did for my hand. I was scheduled for a silicone joint replacement in my right hand. I researched all over the world for possible options. After much prayer I found Dr. Sampson's name on the internet. I called him and talked to his staff and they were wonderful. I can’t say enough about Dr. Sampson and his staff.

Raymundo “Ray” Beltran,WBO World Lightweight Boxing Champion

July 23, 2020
raymond Thanks Dr. Ambach for helping me getting strong right on time before my world championship so I could perform. Also thanks to Orthohealing Center for becoming my friends and making me feel at home, god bless you all!

Jason Deutchman, Professional Basketball Player, Philippines Kia

July 23, 2020
jasond Thank you Dr. Sampson + Orthohealing for always keeping me healthy so that I can perform at my best.

Carmen Valdez, Dentist

July 23, 2020
valdez For the past two years I have had increased pain in both of my knees. After receiving treatment at the Orthohealing Center my knee pain has improved significantly. Since I have completed my treatment, I have been able to exercise and started wearing high heels again! I am so happy with my treatment results. Dr. Sampson was terrific diagnosing my knee problem and improving my condition!

Diego Lugano, Captain, Uruguay National Football (Soccer) Team

July 23, 2020
diego lugano I am a professional soccer player from the Uruguayan soccer team and a central defender player for Brazilian club Sao Paulo FC. I was recommended to consult Dr. Steven Sampson in 2014 when I had a knee injury. At that time I was told by some doctors that I would not be able to play soccer anymore because of my knee injury. Dr Sampson treated my knee twice..

Suzy Kim MD, Team Physician for the U.S. Paralympics Track & Field and volunteer team physician for US hand cycling and wheelchair tennis

July 23, 2020
wheel chair As a physician I have extraordinarily high expectations for the best patient experience. Dr. Sampson and his staff provided the utmost professionalism and expertise. I would recommend him to any of my own patients, friends and colleagues.

Tom Chaby, Navy Captain (SEAL Retired)

July 23, 2020
tom chaby The team at Orthohealing Center is an important strategic partner in Warrior2Warrior’s efforts to prevent Veteran suicide.  With Orthohealing Center’s help, we are significantly improving the quality of life of our nation’s Special Forces Operators (Navy Seals, Green Berets…)...

Edith Seros, 105 year old patient

July 23, 2020
edith I've been sitting in a wheelchair for the last two years, though I do walk in the pool, but I wanted to walk on land as well. So I decided to try treatment at the Orthohealing Center, and I'm beginning to shuffle around my house again. Doesn't sound like much, but at 105 years old, it feels like freedom.

Matias Malvino, Captain of FC Lugano, Switzerland. Playing in National Futbol Club-Uruguay.Professional Soccer player since;2010

July 23, 2020
matias malvino In November 2016, I consulted Dr. Steve Sampson because I was playing professional soccer for six years with pain in one of my knees after suffered a sport injury. I was referred to Dr. Sampson by Dr. Cristina Bertolotto and one of my team mates in Uruguay that was treated by him for a sport injury too...

English Gardner, USA Track & Field 2016 Rio Summer Olympics Gold Medalist

July 23, 2020
e gardener Here at Orthohealing I honestly have felt at home. From my 1st injury to today, this company has done everything in their power to keep me in tip-top Olympic shape. Every doctor and nurse have not only become my go-to, but my family. Thank you guys for everything. Life is a game you must played and Orthohealing has always kept me in the game. play video:

Corey Maggette, Retired NBA Basketball player, Sports Broadcaster

November 8, 2019
basketball I have seen Dr. Sampson over the last 10 years and each year he has improved on the research to help every patient get better. The staff is very helpful and always on time to make sure appointment are done properly. If you have an injury Dr. Sampson is the man to see. If you want to feel better and get back to activities that you love to do… don’t wait go to Orthohealing. Tell them Corey sent you.

Gil Roberts, USA Track & Field, 2016 Gold Medalist Rio Summer Olympic Games, Winner 2012 IAAF World Indoor Championships & 2014 US Outdoor Championships.

January 10, 2019
gold medalist I trust the team at Orthohealing when I need them most. The doctors and staff always provide 5 star treatment and I can always rely on them to keep me at my best. Thanks for helping me in my journey.

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