Bone Marrow Stem Cells Gives Treatment Hope for Patients with Childhood Defects and Diseases

A news report recently covered a significant breakthrough in regenerative medicine. A 2-year-old girl named Hannah who was born without a windpipe now has one, courtesy of her own stem cells. The stem cells were extracted from her bone marrow and were cultivated in a lab, using a plastic scaffold. Within a week, the cells multiplied into a new windpipe for Hannah. This is good news for patients of other childhood defects and diseases, whom can start using such stem cell treatments to help with their medical conditions. Medical practitioners are hoping that this practice can be used to create solid organs in human bodies in the future. The procedure also does not involve human embryos, making it less controversial than conventional stem cell therapy. The Orthohealing Center offers same day bone marrow concentrate therapy to help accelerate healing in orthopedic injuries including tendon and joint pain.

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