Electromagnetic Transduction Therapy (EMTT®) is a new FDA-approved non-invasive technology applied to conditions such as lower back and knee pain, tendinopathies, rotator cuff, Achilles tendonitis, sports injuries and more.

What is EMTT® Treatment?

EMTT® is a non-invasive, evidence-based procedure developed specifically for the treatment of degenerative joint disorders, acute and chronic pain, and sports injuries.

EMTT® uses high-energy magnetic pulses transmitted to the affected areas of the body. Due to the high oscillation frequency, EMTT® enables a high penetration depth and treats a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions.

Handpiece over low back

What Conditions Does it Treat?

The team at OrthoHealing Center is among the first in the United States using EMTT® to address the following musculoskeletal conditions:

  • Degenerative Joint Disorders
  • Chronic and Acute Pain
  • Overuse sports and work-related injuries

About the Procedure:

EMTT® is a very comfortable outpatient procedure that can be performed right in our office. The handpiece is positioned over the area of pain while you remain fully clothed - direct skin contact is not necessary. The procedure does not require anesthesia, requires a minimal amount of time, and allows you the ability to immediately bear weight (i.e. walk), and return to normal activity shortly following the procedure.

How Many Treatments Are Recommended And At What Intervals?

Treatment sessions take approximately 10-15 minutes depending on the condition. Treatments may be done 1-2 times per week with up to 10 sessions in a 5 week period,  depending on the diagnosis. Many patients report a significant improvement in their symptoms after just a few sessions. EMTT is often combined with shockwave therapy for more powerful effects.

Is It Safe? Are There Side Effects to EMTT Treatment?

Yes, EMTT® treatment is safe. This FDA-cleared technology was developed in Europe and is currently used around the globe. A wealth of medical experience, state-of-the-art engineering and optimal quality have been built into each EMTT® device, and extensive clinical studies and tests have confirmed its safety and efficacy.

If performed by a qualified caregiver, EMTT® has virtually no risks. Possible side- effects may include discomfort during treatment or reddening.

Patients with the following should not receive EMTT® treatment:

  • Pacemakers and other sensitive electronic implants
  • Implants, if not safe for MRI
  • Pregnancy


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