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PRP Knee Injections

Knee Treatment

If you’re one of the countless athletes or active individuals who suffer from knee pain, platelet-rich plasma therapy is an innovative regenerative approach that can deliver profound relief.

When delivered by some of the top qualified providers of PRP knee injections Los Angeles has to offer, this treatment can relieve your knee pain and restore optimal function – so you can continue leading your full and active lifestyle.

How PRP relieves knee pain and heals your body

Everyone’s blood is comprised of platelets, which contain immense healing capabilities. They are primarily used for clotting blood and controlling bleeding, however they also release a potent mixture of growth factors that your body uses to repair damaged cells and tissue.

With PRP therapy, our knee specialists isolate the healing properties within platelets and inject them into the injured areas causing your pain. Once in place, the platelets can potentially repair the damage and reduce your inflammation – thus possibly delivering lasting pain relief and genuine healing from the inside out.

What knee injuries and conditions can PRP treat?

At the Orthohealing Center, we have successfully delivered some of the best PRP knee injections Los Angeles has to offer, to treat countless conditions and injuries for our patients that include:

  • Bursitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Muscle tears and injuries
  • Tendon tears
  • Tendonitis
  • And many more

What to expect during PRP therapy

Traditionally, knee pain is treated with rest, ice, supportive devices, elevation, lifestyle modifications, anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy. If these conservative measures are ineffective, the next step is usually a more invasive surgical alternative, depending on the severity of your condition.

However, with platelet-rich plasma therapy, there’s a new treatment approach that may help patients avoid surgical interventions altogether. It’s a minimally-invasive way to actually heal knee injuries from the inside out – rather than simply masking the pain – so you can once again enjoy optimal function and mobility.

PRP therapy for knee pain is broken down into several key steps. To begin, we will collect blood from your body and spin it in a centrifuge to extract the platelets for your treatment. From there, we will cleanse your affected knee and inject the isolated platelets into the damaged and painful areas. These injections will be performed under the guidance of an ultrasound image, to ensure complete accuracy for the needle placement.

After your appointment, you may need to rest for a few days, depending on the injury you had treated. Before you leave the office, we will provide you with customized instructions for your post-procedure recovery and activity restrictions. In terms of side effects, you can expect to experience some temporary swelling and discomfort for the first few days. Most patients who respond positively to the PRP treatment, exhibit reductions in pain and stiffness, as well as improvements in joint mobility, within 6 weeks.

Is PRP therapy right for you?

PRP therapy is a promising new treatment modality for knee pain, and has provided very beneficial results for our patients in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. During your initial consultation at our office, our knee specialists will review your medical history and symptoms with you, and help you determine if this treatment approach offers the ideal way to achieve lasting relief from your injury or condition.

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