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Perineural Therapy

Perineural Therapy

Perineural therapy, also known as neural prolotherapy, is a natural way to treat chronic pain that’s associated with damaged tissues.

When administered properly, it may deliver profound healing effects and long-lasting relief from pain and inflammation, so our patients can resume their active lifestyles without discomfort.

Understanding how perineural therapy works

When receiving perineural therapy, dextrose and sterile water will be injected directly into the painful area. This very safe solution treats the small nerves that can’t be seen on MRI or x-ray just underneath the surface of the skin that are potentially contributing to your pain and inflammation. In addition to easing chronic discomfort caused by superficial peripheral nerves, this also allows the deeper structures beneath the nerves to begin their healing process, so your injury can genuinely resolve itself.

Conditions we treat perineural therapy

Often used as a natural alternative to traditional pain relief options like cortisone injections, perineural therapy has been very helpful in treating a variety of conditions, including:

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic pain throughout the body
  • Tendinitis
  • Bursitis
  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Knee pain after surgery
  • Muscle and ligament injuries
  • Sports injuries
Perineural Therapy

What to expect during perineural therapy

You can expect perineural therapy to be extremely tolerable. Though you may experience some minor discomfort during the actual injections, the procedure is usually very well tolerated and patients do not experience any substantial pain.

To begin, we’ll have you lie comfortably before injecting the dextrose and saline solution directly into the painful area using a very small and thin needle. Depending on the extent of your injury, we may administer several tiny injections beneath the skin surface until all of the involved nerves have been targeted.

Once your injections are complete, you may experience immediate and profound pain relief. Before you leave the office, we will “test” the pain by having you use the joint that received treatment. If the therapy was successful, you may be able to do so without any discomfort. From there, you’ll be free to resume your normal daily routine right away, without any restrictions on your activity. In terms of side effects, you may experience some minor tenderness and bruising at the injection site, but it should be mild and will resolve fairly quickly.

To achieve long-lasting pain relief with perineural therapy, you’ll need multiple injections. Most of our patients in Los Angeles and surrounding areas return to the office for an additional two to eight weekly sessions, with maintenance visits on an ongoing basis to prolong the effects of their treatment.

Is perineural therapy right for you?

Because neural prolotherapy is an all-natural, minimally-invasive way to treat chronic pain and inflammation, it’s typically a safe approach for most of our patients in Los Angeles and surrounding areas – especially those who would prefer to avoid traditional pain relief options.

As long as you’re suffering from a condition that the treatment can successfully address, such as tendinitis or arthritis, there’s a very strong chance that you can benefit from perineural therapy. To be sure, we invite you to schedule an initial consultation today, so we can review your condition and medical history and help you determine if this treatment approach is in your best interest.

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