Los Angeles Lakers Forward Pau Gasol Receives Bone Marrow Cell Injections to His Knees

Los Angeles Lakers two-time NBA champion and starting power forward Pau Gasol suffered through the most injury-plagued season of his career. Gasol was struggling with plantar fasciitis, which later became a torn plantar fascia, as well as tendinitis in both knees. Gasol recently underwent a minimally invasive expiremental procedure on his knees known as the FAST Technique (Focused Aspiration of Scar Tissue or Fasciotomy and Surgical Tenotomy) to treat his patellar tendinosis, which is the chronic form of tendinitis.. Basically Gasol received an ultrasound guided cleaning and needling of the tendon to stimulate blood flow and re-create a wound to promote healing. Following this procedure, Gasol will reportedly receive bone marrow cell injections to help stimulate tissue healing in his knees. Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC) is a promising regenerative therapy used to help accelerate healing in moderate to severe arthritis and tendon injuries. Bone marrow cells are easily extracted from a patient’s hip in the office with minimal discomfort and then used for BMC injection therapy the same day. BMC has become increasingly popular among professional athletes to treat arthritis and tendon injuries. It is just one of the exciting new regenerative therapies offered at Orthohealing Center along with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), prolotherapy, neural prolotherapy, and Ozone injections.

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