Worlds 1st Comprehensive Ultrasound Guided PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Essentials DVD!

After years of requests from physicians around the globe, we are pleased to release the world’s 1st comprehensive Ultrasound guided PRP DVD. The 5 hr educational DVD includes PRP basic science, literature, indications and post injection rehabilitation. Live ultrasound guided injections are performed to the medial meniscus and knee joint, shoulder joint and rotator cuff, 1st metatarsal (toe) joint and more!

This volume 1 DVD will serve as a platform for more advanced topics that will be covered at our upcoming PRP Regenerative Medicine Symposium in Los Angeles, CA July 13-15. Featuring  a cadaver lab, hands on ultrasound training, with 19 world renowned leaders in Biologic Medicine including  Steven Sampson, Alan Mishra, Christopher Centeno, Jospeh Purita, Sang-Hoon Lhee, Patrick Goh, Guillermo Rey Alvarez, Danielle Aufiero,  José Fábio Lana and more!

The DVD will allow physicians from around the globe to learn more about this growing field and build our community in regenerative medicine!

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Get on the path to comprehensive healing and long-term pain relief today.

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