New Study in “Foot and Ankle International” Supports the Use of Platelet Rich Plasma in Treating Chronic Achilles Tendonitis

In a new study published in Foot and Ankle International, researchers have found that Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is effective in treating chronic Achilles tendinitis.

Out of 30 patients studied with chronic cases of Achilles tendinosis resistant to traditional non-operative management, 28 patients (93%) had clinical success with PRP therapy . Not only did these patients improve clinically, but so did their tendon structure! MRI and ultrasound studies were completed for all patients pre-treatment and at 6 months post-treatment. Abnormalities present in the Achilles tendon on MRI/ultrasound studies resolved in 27 of 29 patients at 6 months post-treatment. This suggests that PRP not only helps with symptom relief, but actually heals the tendon itself. This supports what scientists see in a lab, where PRP has been added to tendon cells (tenocytes), causing the cells to multiply in number.

We are excited to see this new study added to the list of numerous scientific publications that support the positive effects of PRP for joint, tendon, and ligament problems.

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