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A friend of mine back in NY told me about a wonderful charity. Her brother and sister in law (Stephen and Janet Fink) started this organization after they adopted their daughter from China.

Superkids is a non-profit organization that sends physical therapists and volunteers to the Shanghai Children’s Home. They work directly with the children, donate equipment to the orphanage, and work in partnership with the orphanage staff to incorporate easy, fun therapeutic exercise games in the children’s daily routines. These kids range in age from infant to teen and their medical problems range from minor to serious. Most of the children have mild and routinely correctable problems such as club feet and cleft palate. More serious problems include cerebral palsy and spina bifida. Because of their medical conditions, most of these children show delays in motor and/or speech development.

Special needs orphans are also called “waiting children.” Their age and medical conditions make them difficult to place. They wait longer to find homes. Many are never adopted.

Janet and a group of occupational therapists returned from Shanghai 3 weeks ago and met four teen orphans with spinal cord injuries. She has been trying for months to get them the appropriate wheelchairs.Wheelchair companies will not donate or give discounts. Charities that can donate wheelchairs do not have the appropriate type of chair. These teens are already starting to develop scoliosis and breathing problems because they are not in good chairs. They have found a company that will make good, pediatric wheelchairs for only $3,000.

They are trying to raise money to purchase chairs for all four teens. If they can raise the money and have the chairs shipped to the orphanage, Janet will go to the orphanage in china with the therapists to make sure that the chairs are fitted properly to these children.

Please spread the word about these terrific kids and their need for good wheelchairs. If anyone is interested in making a donation, log on to the Superkids website

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