President Barack Obama will soon lift the federal funding ban on embryonic stem cell research

After I attended the 4th annual stem cell summit in NYC today, analysts predicted that President Obama will reverse the ban on embryonic stem cell research in the coming days ahead.

It’s important for the public to understand however that stem cells can be obtained and harvested from a variety of means. The term “stem cells” evokes controversy, mystique and caution. But what most aren’t aware of is the availability of adult stem cells. Yes, we all have our own stem cells that have the capacity to replenish & regenerate tissue and disease.

Stem cells may be obtained from the following means:
-Umbilical cord
-Bone Marrow
-whole blood (after receiving injectibles that stimulate release from marrow to the periphery which is then drawn from the arm like neupogen & Mozobil)
Embryonic (the most controversial)
Menstrual blood (yes menstrual blood) it may be the most fresh compared to cord blood that is 9 months old.
Adipose (yes fat cells so one day a patient could receive liposuction & treatment for disease!)

Interestingly at the stem cell conference 38 of the leading companies from around the world presented their latest work. Of those only 6 represented embryonic stem cells compared to 32 with adult stem cells..

The presentations were overwhelmingly informative. I will summarize the info soon. Also I will be lecturing a grand rounds at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, CA in March to educate physicians about future trends in medicine.

According to CNBC today, the stem cell market will see a dramatic rise from $1.7 billion last year to between $22 billion and $49 billion over the next 10 years. wow.

Dr Steven Sampson

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