New York Times Article published on PRP blood injection Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy: Athletes’ Own Blood Could Nurse Them to Health

Following the mention of Hines Ward receiving a PRP injection to allow him to perform in the super bowl, there has been an increased interest in understanding this treatment. Recently I was interviewed by New York Times reporter Alan Schwarz and extensively contributed to the article which will be published in tomorrow morning’s New York Times in section A1.

The article raises awareness that PRP is a cost effective and safe means of accelerating healing naturally without surgery. However I feel that PRP treatment represents only the beginning in a promising field known as “orthobiologics.” I will be at the 4th annual Stem Cell Summit In New York City Feburary 17, 2008. The leading biologic and stem cell companies, physicians, and scientists will converge to share our latest work. I will post an update on the presentations and will soon give a grand rounds on stem cell & biologic progress.

I’m thrilled that (PRP) Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is beginning to capture the public and medical community’s attention. I hope to continue to train & educate physicians to expand the application of this innovative treatment in tendon and cartilage injuries. I hope to publish data from a PRP study on knee osteoarthritis this year.

Dr Steven Sampson

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