Mesoblast Stem Cell Therapy Study shows 83% Survival in patients on Ventilators from COVID-19

News was announced today from Biospace that patients with ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress) demonstrated an 83% survival after 2 IV infusions of Mesoblast’s product Ryoncil (remestemcel-L). This med is NOT FDA approved for treating COVID-19  according to BioSpace. In the study, 9/12 patients came off ventilators within 10 days, with 7 patients discharged from the hospital. According to the report, patients were treated in New York City’s Mt Sinai hospital under an emergency investigational new drug (IND) application or via expanded access portal.

Several commercial cell companies & independent scientists are looking at creative ways that cells can potentially help in this pandemic. More clinical controlled studies with a larger number of participants are needed. Having the global community connect, communicate & share transparent data is the only way to advance our science. We look forward to hearing further details about Mesoblast & other cell therapies.

In the meantime those not affected by COVID, please safely exercise with social distancing, as that may be our best natural medicine to boost our immune system right now.

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