New COVID-19 Research investigating plasma and stem cell therapies, anti-malarial, antiviral and antibiotic meds while vaccines are developed

With up to 1 year before a successful vaccine may be developed, scientists are looking at existing medications as well as cellular therapies to combat COVID and the inflammation/cytokine (protein) storm that attacks the lungs and vital organs.

While millions of people affected around the world, leading researchers are looking at everything from anti-malarial medication (Hydroxychloroquine) and antibiotics (Azithromycin or Z pack) to cell-based therapies. Some cell-based therapies include using a “convalescent plasma” transfusion. I.e getting plasma from healthy donors that overcame the virus usually 3-4 wks later and then administering IV (Intravenously) to those suffering from early COVID-19, but hospitals across the nations are actively researching these as a short term option while we wait on vaccines with limited studies to date.

Our Colleagues in Europe are looking at nebulized platelet lysate (providing cell therapy directly to the lungs through pressurized breathing treatments) while colleagues in Brazil are studying Platelet lysate and glutathione intravenously. We’re following developments with great interest.

Commercial stem cell companies are taking medicinal signaling cells from healthy donors (allogeneic cells) and are working with the FDA to provide emergent treatment to patients in need. At Orthohealing we are principal investigators in cell therapy with this tech for knee osteoarthritis. This cell technology from personalized stem cells is being looked at for potentially helping COVID patients through a proper regulated study.

Doctors have an intuition to heal and help when a crisis like this takes place and hopefully together we can save lives by studying many different options through FDA regulated trials. Stay tuned for more developments.

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