Major Universities Supporting and Providing Orthopedic Stem Cell Injections for Osteoarthritis


Our colleague Ken Mautner MD was featured by Emory University providing Stem cell injections for patients suffering with osteoarthritis. With the opioid epidemic currently, now more than ever we need to embrace the concept that more natural options are available and needed to combat pain and disease. Universities like Stanford, Mayo, Harvard, and Emory all provide orthopedic stem cell programs. Under the proper circumstances, these therapies have potential to be a game changer. Our team at Orthohealing was among the first in the world to research and provide bone marrow derived stem cell injections for arthritis. We partner with institutions and clinicians around the world to advance the field. We’ve published research and educated thousands of physicians for best practices and promotes standardization. It’s exciting to see major universities get behind the regenerative field now with increased science and public demand for better alternatives to surgery and pain medication management of joint pain.

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