Can sugar injections help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?


Do you feel pain, numbness, and tingling in the thumb, index finger, and middle finger? You might be experiencing a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). As these fingers receive sensory and motor function from the median nerve, when it is damaged, you could feel pain. Frequently patients with carpal tunnel syndrome have to shake their hand out in the am after sleeping. It’ soften caused by repetitive overuse like using a computer or mobile phone for prolonged time.
Common treatments to CTS include bracing, medication management, steroid injections and surgery. However, these therapies are usually only effective in the short-term, with side effects. A recently published study has shown that perineural dextrose injection is an effective treatment for patients with mild-to-moderate CTS. In this 6-month randomize, double-blinded, controlled trial, 30 patients treated with perineural injection showed significant improvement in their wrist pains, compared to the 19 patients in the control group. Perineural injection (or prolotherapy) is a natural way to treat pain that is associated with damaged tissues. Often under ultrasound guidance, the doctors inject dextrose solution, a sugar water, to relieve pain and inflammation. At the Orthohealing Center, we have treated numerous patients who have shown positive outcomes. To learn more about perineural injections visit our website at . Or schedule your appointment today at (310) 312-8095 to talk with our physicians regarding best treatment options if you suffer with hand numbness or pain.

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