ESPN reports Lakers Lonzo ball receives PRP knee injection

ESPN reports Lakers Lonzo ball receives PRP knee injection

PRP, platelet rich plasma is frequently used in professional sports as well as to treat weekend warriors for sports related trauma.

PRP is a natural-based treatment that began to see an increased use in early 2000. The origin began with dental implants where tooth extractions were not healing properly. This lead scientists in Florida and Spain to investigate wound healing. This uncovered the healing properties that platelets release call growth factors.

Soccer players were the first to receive this treatment in Europe with encouraging results. About 12 years ago, After Dr. Sampson and colleagues he was working within Santa Monica learned about this treatment, they applied it to a US World Cup soccer player Suffering from any injury. This stimulated a lot of research efforts and annual conferences to learn more about regenerative medicine.

PRP is a natural treatment using the body’s ability to heal itself. The body will give natural feedback after treatment so patients can understand what activities they can and can’t do along with their doctor’s instructions.

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