Dr Steven Sampson visits Pioneering Doctors in North Spain (Vitoria-Gasteiz) to collaborate on PRP Platelet Rich Plasma procedures

Amazing experience in Vitoria Spain, with so many insights.

Mikel Sanchez MD Ph.D. & Nicolas Fiz MD are orthopedic artists with an amazing team delivering biologics at a premier level. Dr. Sanchez was one of the 1st doctors in the world to develop and treat patients with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

An incredible array of surgical & injection cases with PRP was observed. From professional soccer athletes to everyday patients in pain.

So many ideas were shared including the importance of targeting adjacent muscle-tendon junctions (not just the tendon itself) to stimulate cells for tendon injuries.

They have an amazing and efficient injection clinic and don’t use any local anesthetic numbing agents. But we don’t think our Los Angeles patients will want us to integrate that aspect lol!

These international collaborations are so important to advance the field and are a vital way to learn.

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