Dr Steven Sampson Visits South Spain (Almeria) to Collaborate on Intraosseous Injections

Doctor Sampson went to South Spain for a very busy clinic day. 10 hours, 28 PRP cases, including 11 intraosseous (IO) injections!
His journey took him to the southeast region of the Mediterranean Sea in Almeria Spain.

Antonio Ríos Luna has an impressive array of PRP procedures and is beloved in his community of kind patients. His clinic was so busy, Dr. Sampson was so exhausted by end of day. It was great to see this unique Orthobiologic practice and exchange insights to improve protocols.

Using local anesthetic with epinephrine, (WALANT technique initially developed for hand surgery) Dr. Rios-Luna provides in-office IO PRP procedures (injection into subchondral bone) without sedation in a comfortable and efficient manner.

Dr. Rios-Luna will be presenting his technique and results at the TOBI Orthobiologic Institute XIV conference on June 8-10, 2023 at Wynn Las Vegas with other pioneering thought leaders from Espana.

DrAntonio rios luna clinic

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