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Dr. Beny Charchian of the Orthohealing Center Lectures on Bone Marrow Regenerative Cell Injections Via Live Webinar to Doctors in Europe

Dr. Beny Charchian lectured this past week via live webinar to a group of doctors on the cutting-edge regenerative treatment known as Bone Marrow Concentrate, or “BMC”.  The audience, consisting of doctors from all over the world including England, Netherlands, Poland, and Israel focused on BMC as a treatment option for patients suffering from joint pain due to severe osteoarthritis and other injuries such as tendon/ligament injuries.

BMC is a relatively painless outpatient procedure which involves the same-day isolation of regenerative cells from the patient’s own bone marrow.  These cells are combined with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to form a powerful combination known for its tissue regenerating abilities, especially where PRP is not potent enough for advanced osteoarthritis of the hip, knee, hand, foot, ankle, and spine.

Webinars, a term used for web based seminars, have allowed doctors from all over the world to collaborate on these types of cutting-edge treatments.  The doctors of the Orthohealing Center are pioneers and leaders in the field of Regenerative Medicine, also known as “Orthobiologics”.  In addition to webinars and live community lectures, they host yearly training seminars in Los Angeles through The Orthobiologic Institute (www.prpseminar.com) to train doctors from all across the world on these regenerative procedures.

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