Dr Steven Sampson, Orthohealing Center Presents PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Blood Spinning Research Study at ISTS Tendinopathy Symposium in Vancouver, Canada.

Dr Steven Sampson presented the first clinical research on PRP Platelet Rich Plasma injection therapy in the Spinal Cord Injury Population. Dr Sampson, collaborated with Dr Danielle Aufiero & Dr Victor Ibrahim of Washington DC based PMR Center to present research on biceps tendon injury in wheelchair athletes with shoulder pain.

The meeting is the most prestigious tendon summit held every 2 years bringing together pioneering researchers & clinicians. 100 doctors were in attendance from 11 countries. Interestingly, only 2 (Dr Steven Sampson & Dr Kim Harmon) were representing the USA.

We learned new insights into chronic tendon injuries, termed “tendinosis” building on the paradigm shift 20 years ago that these tendons are not generally inflamed. The emphasis of high resistance & eccentric exercises were emphasized which must be customized to the individual. Other interesting research describes a role in the brain & spinal cord in tendon injuries suggesting new treatments to target this mechanism. For example in our shoulder study with wheel chair athletes, the non injected shoulder (the control) also demonstrated benefits.

A link to all the cutting edge presentations is available here:  www.ists2012.com

At the Orthohealing Center we continue to travel the globe in search of promising natural based therapies for challenging tendon and cartilage injuries.

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