Audio Interview with Author Comparing Sham Surgery Vs Degenerative Meniscus tear surgical removal/arthroscopy

The British Journal of Sports Medicine | BJSM The British Journal of Sports Medicine BJSM interviewed senior author of a study that proved that partial removal of a degenerative torn meniscus does not alleviate mechanical symptoms when compared with sham surgery:  Teppo Järvinen professor of orthopaedics and traumatology at the University of Helsinki. The study adds to our understanding that surgery for chronic degenerative meniscus tears may not provide optimal results and should be used conservatively.

The growing concept we at Orthohealing embrace is “rather than just taking something out, we should be putting something back in.” Removing valuable cushioning like the shock absorber known as the meniscus in the knee can lead to increased cartilage damage and arthritis down the road with increased physical activities and altered biomechanical properties.

We are actively researching biologic based therapies like Hyaluronic Acid, PRP Platelet Rich Plasma, and Bone Marrow Stem Cell to potentially improve the inflammatory environment. Future trends will see biologics being added to surgeries to potentially speed healing and delay degeneration. Of course weight loss, eating clean, and regular exercise remain the gold standard for knee pain. More research is needed to provide better options to keep patients active and pain free!

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