Yoga Improves Chronic Pain in US Veterans, Reduces Painkillers


For people with chronic pain, often only painkillers can help them get through the day. However, most pills are opiate-based and can cause many concerning side effects, including addiction. As excessive opioid use has been a public epidemic in the U.S., scientists and clinicians are looking for alternative treatments to chronic pain. A recently published study conducted at San Diego VA has shown that by practicing yoga, patients can have their chronic pain well controlled. The study is done among 144 veterans with a twice-a-week yoga sessions for six months. At the end of the study, painkiller use among the veterans has dropped from 20% to 8%. The lead researcher Erik Groessl identifies that the yoga therapy has successful helped patients in psychology clinics, and its benefits should be extended to more people, such as those who suffer chronic pain.

At the Orthohealing Center, we partner with the Warrior2Warrior  (W2W) program, a non-profit organization that aims to reduce the suicide epidemic in our nations heroes. By addressing the physical aspect of pain in special forces/Navy SEAL’s Orthohealing provides complimentary regenerative procedures for chronic pain.

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