What is PEMF and What Can It Do for My Pain?

istock 928084240 1 The area of pain management and regenerative medicine has expanded significantly in recent years. Where we once relied on rest, ice, and medication until it was time to finally have surgery to treat musculoskeletal conditions, we now have more options than we may understand. The Ortho Healing Center in Los Angeles has been established with the intent to provide progressive, minimally-invasive care to patients who wish to postpone or avoid surgery whenever possible. PEMF is an integral component of nonsurgical care. Here, we discuss what PEMF is and who may benefit from this modality.

What is PEMF Therapy?

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. PEMF technology is used to develop devices that emit various frequencies of electromagnetic waves. Why? Because this stimulates and supports the body’s natural ability to repair damaged tissue. Electromagnetic waves are also emitted by x-ray machines and microwaves, leading to a false perception that all electromagnetic waves are “bad.” This is not the case. Advanced technology such as PEMF harnesses the concept of frequency and duration. PEMF involves brief bursts of low-frequency energy that mimic the natural electromagnetic waves we find in the environment during a thunderstorm, often lower.

How Does PEMF Therapy Relieve Pain?

The entire body is made up of interrelated communities of cells. The membranes of healthy cells are both positively and negatively charged. The opposition is necessary to exchange ions carrying chemicals such as calcium and potassium. When tissue is injured, cells are injured. Injured cells are less capable of holding their necessary magnetic charge and their ability to exchange ions. When this happens, symptoms such as inflammation, pain, and fatigue develop. We administer PEMF to increase the electromagnetic charges in cells so they can functionally exchange ions to reduce inflammation and pain.

Is PEMF Right for You?

Chronic pain due to joint or tissue injuries can be difficult to diagnose and manage. You are not on your own to do so. We are proud to provide services like PEMF therapy to alleviate pain without the use of narcotics or other pharmaceuticals. To learn more about this and other therapies for sports injuries, degenerative conditions, and chronic pain, call (310) 896-4117.

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