The Orthohealing Center Publishes new article on Duptyren Contracture of the hand

We are pleased to announce another new peer reviewed publication this yr. In the Feburary 2011 Journal of American Osteopathic Association, Management of Dupuytren Contracture With Ultrasound-Guided Lidocaine Injection and Needle Aponeurotomy Coupled With Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment. Duptyren Contracture is a disabling condition where scar tissue forms on the palm causing restricted range of motion & pain. Surgery is often required but has serious complications and a high recurrence rate with significant recovery time. 

Initially I learned about an experimental treatment being done at UCLA to avoid surgery. They were blindly needling the palm and injecting a local anesthetic to break up scar tissue. We took it one step further & published the first known case of ultrasound guided needling for this condition coupled with osteopathic manipulation with manual therapy. With the ultrasound we were able to visualize the irregularity & properly numb the region with little to no pain reported. We were amazed to see a full recovery without any complications. Just another example of how to be on the ‘cutting edge’ without surgery!

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