Scientists & Industry from Australia visit Orthohealing Center to share research on new tendon regeneration treatment


The treatment termed ATI or Autologous Tenocyte Implantation is currently available in countries including Australia and New Zealand, but NOT available in the US due to lack of regulatory approval.

We were excited to host leading Orthocell scientists from Australia to learn about their work. We discussed an exciting breakthrough therapy to potentially heal chronic tendon injuries like jumpers knee, Achilles tendinopathy and tearing, and tennis elbow. Using a small needle under local anesthetic or during surgery, a biopsy sample of tendon is removed from the patient. That sample is then optimized to regenerate healthy tendon tissue by means of a simple ultrasound guided injection. While the treatment is available overseas, unfortunately, our patients in the US will have to wait until further trials are completed & it potentially becomes available to US patients in the future. But nonetheless exciting to learn what research is being done & the latest advancements in regenerative medicine!

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