Platelet Rich Plasma Introduction

This blog site was created to establish a non-competitive forum for physicians performing PRP treatments & for patients interested in learning more about this emerging treatment. I was introduced to this treatment by my colleagues, Dr Bert Mandelbaum & Dr Michael Gerhardt; who are premiere orthopaedists responsible for treating numerous soccer athletes from all over the world. PRP is being used by many European professional soccer clubs, and is now making it’s way to the U.S.

Initially we injected a few professional soccer athletes for MCL tears/sprains and noted accelerated recovery & earlier than expected return to play. Click link to see article:

Shortly afterwards we began treating weekend warriors with chronic non-healing tendon injuries including tennis/golfers elbow, achilles tendonosis, patellar tendonosis (jumpers knee). After a favorable response from patients and following discussions with other leaders in the community on PRP, we are now injecting PRP for other non-healing injuries including knee arthritis & hip bursitis.

PRP provides a safe and natural alternative to surgery using the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

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