Orthohealing Center’s Dr. Aufiero featured on Meet the Doctors podcast discussing treatments to relieve pain and restore function

Link to podcast: https://meetthedoctors.wpengine.com/dr-danielle-aufiero/

On this podcast, ‘Meet the Doctors’, Dr. Aufiero explains what a physiatrist is and how they blend non-surgical orthopedics and functional neurology. Dr. Aufiero shares her story of how she got her start in sports medicine, working with pioneers in the field.

Prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, ozone therapy, and bone marrow stem cell therapy are different regenerative treatments Dr. Aufiero specializes in performing and she discusses the pros and cons of each on this podcast. These regenerative treatments, performed at the Orthohealing Center, are aimed to relieve pain and restore function for each patient.

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