Orthohealing Center gets new portable technology to diagnose soft tissue and tendon disease!


We’re excited to be one of few clinics in the USA using one of the latest  breakthroughs in ultrasound technology. Ultrasound uses sound waves to visualize tendons. Unlike other imaging, the Ultrasound image is immediately interpreted and can be placed right over a patients painful region & moved through a painful motion to reproduce the pain. Also the ultrasound is critical to guide precise needle injections to reduce pain from procedures & is associated with better results overall vs blind injections.  


This new US machine reminds us how far technology has come since we had our 1st machine 10 years ago! In the past we had large clunky machines with poor visibility. No with our new machine it can fit in a pocket & plug into a smartphone or tablet! Just another tool to help us get our patients back to being active again!

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