New research from Italy shows PRP Platelet Rich Plasma effective for Knee Osteoarthritis with 2 year follow up.

Our TOBI Faculty & colleagues Alberto Gobbi MD, Georgios Karnatzikos MD from Milan, Italy presented research at the world’s largest gathering of Orthopaedic Surgeons in Chicago Il last wk, the AAOS.

This study shows that PRP intra-articular knee injections are effective both in operated and non-operated arthritic knees and can act as a preventive agent of OA, by diminishing pain and improving symptoms and quality of life. Patients who repeated PRP treatment preserved a better clinical outcome, indicating that PRP injections can provide a better outcome when repeated. This study builds on our pilot clinical trial for knee arthritis with PRP that showed significant improvement at 1 year follow up. More and more studies are emerging that demonstrate the cost effectiveness and therapeutic benefit of PRP for arthritis.

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