Jay Smith MD of the Mayo Clinic Visits Orthohealing Center Los Angeles to Observe Cutting Edge Procedures!

Last week we were honored to have Jay Smith MD from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN, visit our facility in Los Angeles CA. Dr Smith is a pioneer in musculoskeletal ultrasound and sports medicine. He was among the earliest adaptors of using ultrasound to diagnose sports/orthopedic injuries as well as to guide needle injections for accurate placement. Dr Smith observed many unique procedures offered at the Orthohealing Center. We believe that these clinical observations are necessary to promote more in the field of regenerative medicine. Dr Smith will be serving as faculty at our 5th annual regenerative medicine symposium which will be moved to Las Vegas NV June 6-7 2014 to accommodate for the rapid growth in our field. A special thanks to our patients for allowing Dr Smith to shadow Dr Sampson & Dr Aufiero for two days. It is becoming increasingly common for pioneering physicians to visit other leading facilities to adapt new techniques and procedures to combat tendon and cartilage disease. Dr Sampson will be visiting a world class sports medicine facility specializing in footballer (soccer) injuries and rehabilitation in Bologna, Italy next month. More details to follow.

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