Dr Steven Sampson visits Innovative Orthopedist Dr Alan Lazar in Florida to observe cutting edge procedures

Dr Alan Lazar is a unique Orthopaedist in that he offers a multitude of options for his patients both surgically & non-operatively. Dr Lazar has been doing PRP injections both in the operating room & at his office. Dr Lazar has been creating some innovative protocols for osteoarthritis of the knee. For example initially he may do a micro fracture surgery under arthroscopy (small holes are made into cartilage under a scope to promote bone bleeding & release of stem cells & regeneration of tissue. Afterwards he adds PRP & possible BMAC (bone marrow concentrate off the hip or stem cells from fat. 

Very interesting work. We predict that more & more docs will move from PRP to stem cell based therapies which has more potential for significant pathology. A special thanks to Dr Lazar & his friendly staff for welcoming us & introducing us to his patients. Dr Lazar is authoring a book that highlights non-surgical treatments and is due out soon.

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