Dr Steven Sampson travels to Canada to explore breakthrough Stem Cell technology

In an effort to provide the most powerful natural based healing options to demanding patients, I travelled to Canada to met with researchers who are developing technology that may take the standards of PRP therapy to another level!  After being contacted by a group of researchers, I agreed to visit their clinic & lab to investigate their findings.  We will begin trials of this technology in my office at the Orthohealing Center in Los Angeles innext couple of weeks.  This technique apparently can regenerate bone and most likely cartilage at a much more potent rate than platelet Rich Plasma. While Platelet Rich Plasma has inspired me to immerse myself in the field of orthobiologics, there are some limitations.  For example tendon studies have shown most but not all patients responded favorably.  This most likely results from more complicated cases as well as from reasons we don’t quite understand yet.  Therefore we are striving to incorporate the most state of the art technology to encourage the body’s ability to self heal. While it’s great that many doctors are beginning to explore with PRP therapy to promote it’s widespread use, after 3 years and hundreds of injections performed we are loking further.

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