Dr Steven Sampson to lecture in Geneva, Switzerland at United Nations on Platelet Rich Plasma and Regenerative Medicine

Dr Steven Sampson of The Orthohealing Center will be lecturing at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland on Oct 11, 2010. The lecture is titled: Emerging non-surgical orthobiologic therapies for tendon and cartilage repair. The BioBridge Event 2010, The Regenerative Medicine Conference will feature renowned speakers from around the world, including one of the original researchers on PRP, Prof. Robert Marx.  Events like this bring together enthusiastic minds to drive change in a field (orthopedics) that needs to provide more treatment options.

Special guests include Nobel Laureates, Former Dir of UNESCO,& the Director General to The United Nations Organization Geneva.

Meeting at United Nations Office Geneva
Palais des Nations

Usually home to high-profile international and interstates political meetings, the conference centre will open its doors to the cause of regenerative medicine. As the host of the event, His Excellency Sergei Ordzhonikidze, the UNOG Director-General will be welcoming delegates and participants in the assembly hall.

The location is chosen on the basis that the Lake Geneva Region and specifically the state of Geneva continues to bring together the world’s most respected research organizations and laboratories, having been named the leading biotechnology cluster in continental Europe by Science magazine. Conclusion to the day will be by Minister of Economy and Public Health in the canton of Geneva, Prof. Pierre-François Unger. He will share his insights into the regulatory and inter-governmental aspects that surround the topic of regenerative medicine today.

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