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Vibrational Forces Stimulate Bone Tissue Formation


When bone tissues are damaged, patients often face very limited options in treatment or full recovery. Scientists and engineers have also been trying to recreate bones using various techniques, such as tissue engineering and 3D printing. Recently, a new study shows that regrowth of the bone might be able to achieve through nanoscale vibration, a method that allows selective differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells. The research team led by Matthew Dalby at the University of Glasgow has managed to use a laser interferometer, which creates “nanokicking”, to activate cells in the collagen matrices and eventually create bone-like structures. This method is highly promising as it can induce osteogenesis (bone growth) and potentially heal bone damages. Although further investigation is needed to test the efficacy in animals and humans, this study has provided a new research direction that will guide scientists and physicians in bioengineering and regenerative medicine to help improve lives.

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