Trigger Point Injections: What You Need to Know

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Trigger points can be created when a muscle has been overworked or injured, and a little knot of muscle will develop causing pain in that general area. This knot of muscle forms when the muscle won’t relax. In many cases, you can physically feel the knot under the skin. Trigger points can cause continual pain and a lower quality of life. They can also cause referred pain that’s connected to different areas of the body due to the trigger point sitting on or near a nerve.

What Is a Trigger Point Injection?

When these trigger points are causing consistent, irritable pain, it may be time to start considering trigger point injections. When you come to Orthohealing, our doctors will find the exact source of the trigger point where the injection should take place. This can be done by exerting gentle pressure to the trigger point to observe the muscle twitch. The injections are typically safe, anti-inflammatory of natural/homeopathic based options like Traumeel and include local anesthetic. On occasion a more potent medication Botox may be used for more chronic advanced cases. Using an acupuncture like needle, ultrasound is utilized to promote safety and ensure precise accuracy with a pleasant patient experience.


  • Minimally invasive and comfortable treatment for soft tissue/muscle pain with fast recovery time and return to activities.
  • Several trigger points may be injected in one visit.
  • Typically only takes a few minutes.
  • Trigger point injections are used to treat not only muscle tension but also conditions such as fibromyalgia and headaches.

The actual injection will often feel like a pinch and will only take a few minutes. Post injection pain, while uncommon, can occur. It typically resolves itself within a few days. Once the inflammation is reduced, massage therapy and physiotherapy techniques help to eliminate the pain and rehabilitate the muscle fibers.

In chronic pain situations, it may necessary to have trigger point injections repeated on an as-needed basis.

That said, here at Orthohealing, we use a unique therapeutic approach for our trigger point treatment using tehg latest protocols and start of the art equipment to ensure a positive patient  experience.  If you would like to learn more about trigger point injections, or schedule a consultation, give us a call and set-up an appointment today! Phone us at 310-312-8095.

Get on the path to comprehensive healing and long-term pain relief today.

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