Treatment of Achilles Tendinosis with Shock Wave Therapy

An article from Jan 08’in the JBJS (Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery), that documented low energy shockwave therapy was effective in treatment of non-healing achilles tendinosis. The randomized controlled trial showed that 64% of patients receiving shock wave(group I) were completely recovered or much improved, versus 28% of those who received an eccentric loading exercise program (group II).

The study looked at 50 patients who have had pain for > 6months & failed conservative treatments.

I have been treating many patients lately (more than 50, with various injuries including achilles tendinosis, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, & bicep tendonosis with favorable results. I have all patients complete questionnaires 6 weeks after their initial treatment to determine a useful role for shockwave in my practice.

Ultimately I invision a protocol implementing various modalities to maximize the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Furthermore, I am exploring the potential role of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

I will soon post results from the 150 or so shock wave treatments I have done. However, larger studies requiring double blinded methods are required so that we can learn more about shockwave therapy.

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