Top Neurosurgeons Dr. Deven Khosla and Dr. Daniel Nagasawa now seeing spine patients at Orthohealing Center!

While the majority of patients with spinal issues will improve with non-surgical treatment, there are situations that require consideration for surgery. Dr. Deven Khosla and Dr. Daniel Nagasawa, Achieve Brain & Spine Neurosurgeons, are collaborating with physicians at the Orthohealing Center for spine care.  They are now seeing patients at the Orthohealing Center as well as their clinic in Santa Monica. With an eye towards obtaining pain relief, preserving your neurological function, and getting you back to the activities you love, Dr. Khosla and Dr. Nagasawa will be your partners in the healing process. Neurosurgeons are uniquely capable of evaluating how the degeneration of disks and bone affect the nervous system and treat patients with spinal stenosis, nerve pain, spine and nerve tumors, spinal cord compression and spinal deformity. We emphasize minimally invasive approaches with microsurgery to fast track your recovery and only offer surgery when necessary.  Please visit to learn more.  We’re excited to provide more comprehensive care with top providers in los Angeles for our patients!

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