Orthohealing Center Colleague Ted Sand PhD Talks Bone Marrow Aspiration

Looking for a great new blog?  Orthohealing Center colleague Ted Sand PhD is a pioneer in Bone Marrow Cell Therapy.  He provided an illustration in the recently published Bone Marrow Concentrate article by Dr Sampson and Dr Aufiero.  Ted’s most recent post in his blog Celling Blog is titled, “The Art of Bone Marrow Aspiration: Maximizing Cellularity”, in which he discusses the components of Bone Marrow and the difficulties in perfecting marrow aspiration.  Ted goes on to elaborate about the importance of physician technique in maximizing the extraction of the potent Mesenchymal Cells present within the bone marrow.  Check out Ted’s blog for more great articles about bone marrow and regenerative cell therapies.  For more information about the actual Bone Marrow Concentrate procedure, check out our BMC Q&A section on the website.

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