Sleep: A Key to Optimizing Sports Performance

The Washington Nationals recently won the World Series and an unsung member of their team has been Dr. Meeta Singh, a sleep expert based in Novi. According the the Detroit Free Press, professional sports teams try to gain an edge in any way possible to ensure they perform to their best ability. Dr. Singh has been in charge of maximizing the recovery in her athletes through optimizing rest and sleep patterns. She gives the players typical sleep advice such as maintaining a constant schedule, sleeping in a cold room, and avoiding electronics before bed but she also tailors recommendations to each player. When a person’s job is so crucially determined by their performance, it is imperative to make the small changes that result in noticeable changes in performance the next day.

Sleep is important to orthopedic healing and recovery; athlete or not, we can all benefit from consistent sleep!  To find out more, click here. 

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