Shockwave Therapy for Professional Athletes

NBA Basketball star Markelle Fultz shares a day in the life of his pre-season workout routine. It’s a great behind the scenes look at the dedication to be a pro. Markelle includes his shockwave session at Orthohealing.

We consult with professional and collegiate teams and recently published work on shockwave therapy for professional athletes. We expect the popularity to grow as machine accessibility and awareness spreads regarding the science.

Shockwave can also be helpful for everyday weekend warriors or patients suffering with orthopedic pain as a safe and non-invasive modality with no down time. We are collecting data using Data Biologics registry with and without PRP injections tracking outcomes and will report findings very soon.

Essentially, it’s a tool to boost the body’s own healing response via growth factor and cytokine stimulation while naturally modulating pain and inflammation.

To watch the whole video visit: Markelle Fultz’s Off Season Workout – Faithful 2 The Grind – YouTube

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