PRP knee injection 8 wks post injection update

Well it’s been 8 wks now since my infamous surfing experience & subsaquent injection. I have been doing terrific. By now, I have received a series of MRI’s and an ultrasound that document decreased edema & show tendon thickening (indicating healing of my MCL ligament. Initially I had a grade II MCL sprain. Because I have my own MRI machine, I have the luxury of performing seriel studies.

Anyways, I have been attending PT weekly with Cheyanne Kane PT in West LA (good therapist). She has been using modalities including Laser which have been helpful. Also, I have Cheyanne place the laser on acupuncture points for healing and relaxation.

By now, I have been swimming, biking, & running pain free. Occasionally my knee feels a little stiff after standing or sitting for prolonged periods, but maybe a 1/10 on the pain scale. I have not taken any medications other than tylenol for a few days after the initial injection.

I will soon publish a case report on my MCL injury with PRP injection. Hopefully this will inspire other professional & recreational athletes to consider this treatment to accelerate recovery with limited negative consequences. All of our professional soccer players with MCL sprains and PRP injections are doing great.

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