PRP Injections and Prolotherapy have positive effect on pain and function in Knee Osteoarthritis


The field of medicine has begun to take preference for drug and rehabilitation therapy over invasive surgeries. Alternative treatment methods such as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections and Prolotherapy have demonstrated positive results in regard to pain and function in patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis. In the recent study, conducted by the Iran University of Medical Sciences, PRP injection was more effective in reducing functional limitations, stiffness, and pain attributed to knee osteoarthritis. Patients stated that PRP injections improved their quality of life and had a beneficial effect. The Orthohealing Center will continue to monitor new PRP research discoveries and innovations that may be relevant to our orthopedic patients.

Lab study shows Shockwave Therapy helps regenerate tendon like cells!

Research suggests that Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) aids human adipose derived stem cell (hASC) differentiation. The combined treatment of ESWT along with a tenogenic medium have shown evidence for helping the differentiation of hASC’s to tendon-like cells. This combined treatment has improved expression levels of proteins and fibers essential for tendon formation. With more research, the combined treatment could be an important pathway in tendon tissue engineering. More clinical studies on shockwave are needed to better understand how it helps bone, cartilage and tendons heal.

New Morris Animal Foundation-funded laboratory study: Stem cells pre-treated with interferon gamma, become super stem cells.

According to a recent Press Release: Dr. Lisa Fortier of Cornell University states,“When stem cells are treated with interferon gamma, they become super stem cells and have a significantly enhanced reparative capacity compared to quiescent stem cells, surpassing even what we see in injured tissues,” said Dr. Fortier. “These findings tell us that to optimize stem cell treatment, they should be activated outside the body prior to use for regenerative therapy.”

Further advancements in our understanding of stem cells has great potential in promoting natural healing..


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