PRP effective for lateral epicondylitis/tennis elbow. Orthohealing Center participates in world largest (PRP) Platelet Rich Plasma Multi-Center Trial Published in The American Journal of Sports Medicine.

We are excited to announce that principal investigators Dr Steven Sampson & Dr Danielle Aufiero of The Orthohealing Center  help contribute to the world’s largest PRP study involving 12 centers from around the US. The paper just published in the AJSM American Journal of Sports Medicine describes practice changing evidence that PRP Platelet Rich Plasma was 84% successful in resolving chronic tennis elbow/lateral epicondylitis. Of interest, the control group which included dry needling of a damaged tendon, resulted in meaningful improvement as well but to a much lesser extent vs PRP

One of the most important take home messages about PRP use in elbow tendinosis was that it took between 4-6 months to see the dramatic improvements. This info is helpful to patients & physicians around the globe, who now understand that PRP use in chronic tendon injuries is beneficial but may take several weeks to months to see results. This study took 7 years to complete & we commend our colleague & lead author Allan Mishra of Stanford University for dedicating so much energy to create meaningful change in our field. More & more papers like this will emerge, leading the medical community towards more cutting edge biologic based non-surgical solutions.

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