Prolotherapy vs PRP?

Prolotherapy and PRP are both minimally invasive injection options widely used across the country. Prolotherapy originated before PRP, and typically patients received multiple prolotherapy injections to a painful region without image (ultrasound or x-ray) guidance.

The main difference is that PRP uses the patient’s own blood, while prolotherapy uses a solution of sugar (dextrose) that acts as a local irritant. In general, PRP is more powerful 4:1 or 3:1 vs. Prolotherapy which may typically involve more frequent injections. Prolotherapy may be a more cost-effective option in underserved regions that do not have access to the equipment required to process PRP.

Prolotherapy is used in instances where instability or ligament laxity is a concern, or the patient is not a candidate to draw blood. PRP has more widespread applications across medical specialties and more published research than prolotherapy.

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